About Us

Norfolk Smoothie is your local stop for freshly made smoothies + bowls! A healthy alternative loaded with superfoods. 

We strive to live healthier and we believe that begins with the food you eat. The way you feel on a daily basis depends tremendously on what you put into your body. We specialize in premium blends that are rich in nutrition and will have you more than satisfied. 

We aspire to not just make an impact on our community by providing healthy foods but also creating a community health vibe.

112 Granby St, STE 100 Norfolk, VA 23510   |   757-627-7679   |   support@norfolksmoothie.com


Our menu is full of nutrients and flavor. Guaranteed to provide a power-packed start for any day or the perfect treat after a long day! A lot of protein along with many nutrients with every order. 


Want to connect with more people in the area? Want to get new ideas for your smoothies? Take a stroll through our forum and connect with our community!

Alkaline Water

$4.99 a gallon